About Us

Capitol Investment Corp. IV is a $402.5 million public investment vehicle listed on the NYSE.

We are searching for a private company where our investment and strategic support will help create substantial value over time. These prospective target businesses will not be limited to a particular industry or geographic region.

Capitol IV plans to capitalize on the 25 years of private equity and venture capital investing experience and significant contacts of our Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Mark D. Ein. In addition, L. Dyson Dryden, our President and Chief Financial Officer, brings nearly 20 years of investment banking and investing experience and together the team has raised three prior public investment vehicles, each of which successfully completed transactions.

Capitol Success Stories


In October 2009, Capitol Acquisition Corp. created Two Harbors Investment Corp., a Maryland real estate investment trust. Two Harbors has grown from $119 million to more than $4.4 billion of market capitalization (including a spin-off) and is the third-largest mortgage REIT in the United States.

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In July 2015, Capitol Acquisition Corp. II merged with Lindblad Expeditions, Inc., a global leader in expedition cruising across all seven continents. The $439 million transaction enabled Lindblad to pursue attractive future growth opportunities including new ship builds and potential acquisitions.

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In July 2017, Capitol Acquisition Corp. III merged with Cision, a leading global provider of cloud-based earned media solutions. The $2.4 billion transaction enabled Cision to pay down debt, refinance its existing capital structure and pursue future organic growth and M&A opportunities.

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The Capitol team has extensive experience building and growing successful companies.



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